Seen head-honcho Tareq is a qualified optometrist with over 15 years' experience, he has always believed that the journey to new eyewear starts with a thorough eye examination.

Your Optometrist will carry out all the clinical checks on your eyes and you’ll get to see a picture of your retina.


You'll be advised on contact lenses, dry eyes and even what difference your eye colour can make to your eye health!




While walk-ins and browsers will be accommodated when we can, we’d recommend booking an appointment at Seen ahead of your visit so you’re not disappointed. This includes eye-tests, styling appointments, collections and repairs.

Fill in the form below and we’ll give you a call back as soon as possible to confirm your appointment. Please note that there may be a small delay in our response.

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He has passed on his experience and impeccable standards to the Seen team of optometrists who take time to check your eye health, prescription and explain your results clearly. You will always get the most accurate results ensuring optimal vision and comfort from your spectacles or contact lenses — it’s something they're passionate about.



What Our Customers Say

The team at Seen have looked after us for several years & it is a great experience every time. The eye test is the most thorough I have had anywhere - I always have confidence they will get my prescription right, which cannot be said for other opticians I have tried over 27 years of wearing glasses. By far the best thing is their selection of frames & the skill with which they recommend ones to suit you. My last few pairs were ones I perhaps wouldn't have taken off the shelf but they are absolute experts in knowing what suits your face & style. I get compliments on my glasses most weeks from people I meet & I am always keen to share where I got them from. Cannot ask for a better experience from the whole team, they treat you like one of the family from start to finish. Highly recommended!
Philippa via Google
Best opticians ever- amazing service from Tareq and all of the team. You really are made to feel special and know that your eye health is taken seriously and the frames available are literally the best and most unique around! I wouldn’t go anywhere else!
Craig via Facebook

Did you know?

Seen are a private opticians who provide expert eye tests for £47. Styling appointments are free of charge.

For modern day digital lifestyles there are small enhancements that can be made to your prescription that will massively improve visual comfort during a long day at the screens.




Those with the following concerns are advised to get booked in as soon as you can:
- Your glasses prescription does not feel right
- Your eyes are struggling with all the hours spent on Zoom!
- You have eye-related health issue, for example reddened eyes.


An Optical Coherence Tomography scan, or OCT scan, produces a 3D image of the back of your eye with unparalleled detail, allowing us to better monitor your health and spot illness much sooner. 

These scans are beneficial for everyone, but if you’re over 50, have a family history of genetic eye conditions like Glaucoma, you have a high prescription or suffer a sudden onset of blurred vision, we'd highly recommend them. 

To upgrade your eye test to include an OCT scan, it’s £20. Find out more about them here and select 'Eye test with OCT scan' from the options below to include one as part of your eye test.